Our global research team based in America, India, Germany, UK and the Middle East are able to deliver significant market knowledge and insight to organisations involved in Energy & Natural Resources. The vast information we carry on talent maps, confidential board and organisational data and analysis, talent and compensation benchmarking as well as numerous thought leadership pieces all support our talent management, executive search and interim management functions ensuring our partners stay ahead of the competition.

Taking skills that have been learnt and developed over a number of years Vision Consultants and Researchers are able to access information that most people are unable to do so. We undertake the same research techniques that have been employed by governments across the world and several of the largest research consultancies.

Our methods and research avenues are vast from using advanced boolean search techniques right through to information gathering and detailed research using the deeper web and confidential databases.

  • Competitor Advantage
  • Benchmarking
  • Talent Mapping
  • Due Diligence
  • Insight

Confidential Research Team

  • AA = Team based in Houston, specialises in US and South American research
  • AM = Team based in Mumbai, specialises in Asia and African research
  • KH = Individual based in London, specialises in European research
  • BW = Individual based in Abu Dhabi, specialises in Middle East and Eurasia research
  • CF = Individual based in London, specialises in European and US research
  • JR = Individual based in London, global research focus
  • KW = Individual based in Frankfurt, specialises in European research